Tips To Stop Roof Leaking Until The Professionals Arrive

An occasional rainy day can prove a relaxing reprieve from the hectic bustle of our everyday lives. Cozying up with loved ones inside with a bad weather day can help rejuvenate us for what’s next on our busy schedules…until we notice a leak in our roof. A faulty roofing system can instantly turn a casual, relaxing rain shower into a stressful, chaotic event. Read more …

What To Ask A Professional Roof Contractor In Cambridge

Most of us don’t give the roof over our heads much thought…until a problem arises. Whether suffering from unexpected damage, leaks, or deterioration, when our roof begins to show signs of compromise, it’s critical to find a roof contractor in Cambridge that not only has the skills needed to perform the job properly Read more …

Why You Should Consider A Metal Roof In Waterloo

Are you considering a new roof installation? The first thing you may notice is that you have many options when it comes to material. Asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, tiles, and even fiberglass designs may make it into the decision making process before you arrive at your final choice. Read more …

Preserve Your Roof’s Health: Partner With Professional Roofers In Kitchener

If you’re like most homeowners, your roof probably doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. Oftentimes, the roof over our head goes unnoticed until something goes wrong. It’s only then, when we are faced with damage of some sort, that we actually consult with professional roofers in Kitchener for reliable input and advice. Read more …

Top 10 Benefits Of A Replacement Roof In Kitchener

Roofing doesn’t last forever. When it falls into disrepair, it needs to be replaced. That’s the only way to ensure it continues to protect your home from the elements. Having said that, it’s important to realize that a replacement roof in Kitchener offers more than just protection from Mother Nature. It poses numerous other benefits, some of which directly impact your wallet. Read more …

Roof Repairs In Cambridge: Top 5 Hazards Of A Leaky Roof

One of the most important types of roof repairs in Cambridge is to resolve leaks. Leaky roofing is more than just an annoyance. Not only can it shorten the life of your roofing, but it can also expose you and your family to health problems. Read more …

Top 7 Causes Of A Leaking Roof In Kitchener

There are few things more worrisome than a leaking roof. Kitchener homeowners know intuitively that unchecked leaks lead to water damage, which can cost an arm and a leg to fix. It’s better to spend the necessary money to resolve leaks than deal their aftermath.

But how do roofing leaks occur in the first place? And is it possible to prevent them before they develop?
Read more …

5 Compelling Reasons To Call Professional Roofers In Kitchener

Many homeowners take their roofing for granted. Because it has performed admirably for years, they assume it’ll continue to do so. The problem is, even the best roof doesn’t last forever. It ages and without attention, can eventually fall into disrepair. If you haven’t properly maintained your roof, it may be time to schedule an inspection by experienced roofers in Kitchener. Read more …

7 Signs You Need A New Roof In Kitchener

Most people aren’t sure when they need to invest in a new roof in Kitchener. They know intuitively that broken shingles, damaged flashing, and signs of rot are problems. But they’re not sure when such problems reach the point that repairs alone become insufficient.

Following are the top seven signs you may need new roofing. Learn to recognize them. Read more …

How To Assess The Condition Of Your Roofing In Cambridge

Your roof is the first line of defense in protecting your home against the elements. It shelters your home, as well as you and your family, from water, wind, and debris. But in order to do its job, it needs periodic attention. If you want your roofing in Cambridge to prevent leaks, moisture damage, and other problems, it’s important to check its condition Read more …


New Roof In Kitchener: Choose The Right Material For You

>Choosing a new roof in Kitchener requires careful consideration of several factors. The materials are one of the biggest considerations before moving forward with this process. Read more …

5 Signs You May Need New Roofing In Cambridge

When was the last time you actually looked at the roof of your home? If you’re like most people, it may be hard to remember when you really took in the current condition of your residential roof. Unfortunately, many ignore their roofing in Cambridge until it’s too late. It’s only when a major leak occurs, or some other type of functional compromise, that they take the time to tend to their roofing in Cambridge. Read more …

What You Need To Know About Your Sloped Roof In Kitchener

Deciding if a sloped roof in Kitchener makes sense for you can prove challenging. Whether you’re a business or homeowner, it’s important to take the time to evaluate what a sloped roof in Kitchener offers to determine if it’s a good choice for your residential or industrial building. When considering a sloped roof, it’s important to think about several key factors before making your final decision. These factors include: Read more …

Use A Roof Contractor In Cambridge For An Annual Inspection

Our residential roofs have an important job to do: keep our families safe, warm and dry. However, many homeowners don’t give their roofing structures much attention. We expect them to do their jobs…until they don’t. We often only think about the roofs over our head when something goes wrong. When we find ourselves facing interior water damage in our attics and ceilings, or when we can actually see light coming in through a visibly damaged roof, we finally realize that we need help. It’s only then that we contact a roof contractor in Cambridge to manage the severity of the situation. Read more …

Work With A Flat Roofing Contractor To Guard Against Winter Dangers

Here at The Roofman, as a leading flat roofing contractor, we know firsthand that flat roofs often get a bad rap. This is especially true in the winter. Business owners often assume that this type of roofing system simply cannot withstand snow accumulation throughout the winter season. Read more …

Roof Repairs: Getting Ready For Fall

Fall is officially here. With the gorgeous, crisp weather and bright, brilliant foliage comes a lengthy task list of things to attend to (beyond packing up our summer attire and moving our sweaters back into heavy wardrobe rotation). One major consideration for homeowners looking to prepare for autumn is evaluating the condition of their roof and determining if they need roof repairs. Read more …

Find Services For Quality Roof Leak Repair In Cambridge

Finding a leaky roof can prove far more than a mere inconvenience. Some leaks are just that: an annoyance that requires a little maintenance. However, if left unattended, even the smallest roofing compromise can evolve into a break with serious consequences, making it critical to employ the services of professional roof leak repair in Cambridge. Read more …

Everything You Didn’t Know About Metal Roofing In Kitchener & Waterloo

For many homeowners in the region, getting a metal roof proves an ideal choice. Whether replacing an existing roof, or choosing roofing for a new building, this type of material delivers a host of benefits for those living inside. Getting the facts on what metal roofing in Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge has to offer can help you decide if this option makes sense for your home. Read more …

Replacing Your Business Roof? Hire A Professional Roof Contractor In Waterloo

As a business owner, there are many tasks you can manage on your own, as well as many you should immediately outsource to an experienced professional. Your commercial roofing is one task that should always be delegated roof contractor in Waterloo. Before you attempt to install a new roof on your business structure, you should learn about the many benefits that hiring a professional roof contractor in Waterloo offers. Read more …

Asphalt Roofing In Cambridge: Everything You Need To Know

Choosing the right roofing in Cambridge means sifting through many options. A popular selection for many homeowners is asphalt. If you’re wondering if asphalt makes sense for your home, it’s important to consider some of the many benefits offered by this type of material. Read more …

Why Your Roofer In Waterloo May Recommend A Tear-Off

If you’re soliciting bids for a new roof, one of the first things you’ll have to decide is whether to do a tear-off or an overlay. In some cases the choice will be made for you with your roofer in Waterloo making the recommendation based on the existing roof. Read more …

Roofers In Kitchener Can Help With Attic Ventilation

Did you know that proper attic ventilation plays a huge role in the effectiveness and longevity of your roof? Like every other part of the home, the attic needs to “breathe”. Read more …

Consult A Roof Contractor In Waterloo For Skylight Installation

Skylights are a great way to add natural light to a room but they must be installed properly to ensure optimal performance. As a roof contractor in Waterloo, we install both skylights and sun tunnels to add light to homes and businesses without the associated roofing problems. Read more …

Selling Your House? A Roof Inspection By A Roofer In Cambridge Can Help Boost Your Sale Chances

If you’re planning to sell your home anytime soon and want to stand a bit above the competition, contact a roofer in Cambridge and order a roof inspection. Read more …

Find A Roof Contractor In Waterloo With GAF Master Elite Certification

Considering that your roof is one of the most expensive parts of your home, having it attended to by an experienced roof contractor in Waterloo is a wise way to protect your investment. While many people call themselves roofcontractors, only a few really deserve the title.Read more …

Find Roofing In Cambridge To Match Your Architectural Design

Roofing on Cambridge homes is very important to the integrity of both the buildings themselves and the neighborhood. Although a roof serves the functional purpose of protecting the structure, it’s also highly aesthetic and pulls together the look of your home and community. It’s because of this that the roof deserves as much or more attention as the windows or siding, when it comes to looks.Read more …

Is Your Home A Candidate for A Metal Roof in Kitchener?

Is it time to replace your roof? Are you interested in a low-maintenance, durable, eco-friendly roofing option? Consider a metal roof. Kitchener homes are sporting these sleek new roofs more than ever before thanks to advances in design and construction quality.Read more …

Get The Safety And Beauty Of A Metal Roof In Waterloo – Even The Installation Is Easier!

A metal roof in Waterloo is the right choice for a safer home. Homeowners are careful to keep smoke detectors in their rooms and stay watchful for using live flames, but there is more that you can do to protect your home from fire. Metal roofs are the best choice for a fire resistant home.Read more …

5 Common Roof Repairs Kitchener & Waterloo Homeowners Should Take Care Of Right Away

Roof repairs in Kitchener or Waterloo are not something to put off. Roofs really take a beating. Day after day, storm after storm, they protect the entire rest of the home from the elements. Anytime even the slightest damage occurs, there is the potential for much more serious problems to take root.Read more …

Tips For Flat Roof Leak Repair On Kitchener Homes And Businesses

Flat roof leak repair on Kitchener homes and businesses is inevitable. Flat roofs are notorious for developing leaks since water sits atop the structure longer than it does on a sloped roof. It’s not unusual to see problems on flat roofs that are only 5-10 years old. If you’ve got a flat roof, we’ve got some tips for you. These tips will help you figure out what to do in an emergency and if it makes more sense to repair or replace.Read more …

Four Important Tips For Finding A Superior Flat Roofing Contractor In Cambridge

Managing a commercial building brings with it a comprehensive range of responsibilities. A major consideration for property managers of any sized building? Vigilantly maintaining the integrity of flat roofing. A contractor in Cambridge realizes that as one of the most important structures in any business building, keeping a commercial roof healthy helps ensure the comfort and safety of everyone inside. Read more …

Residential Roofing In Kitchener: How To Successfully Keep Yours In Tip-Top Shape

As homeowners, there are many property responsibilities that we pay careful attention to…and many that simply don’t make it onto our radar often. A common (but critical) feature on our homes that we don’t often think about? Our residential roofing. Kitchener residents may not give much attention to their residential roofing needs until something happens that demands immediate consideration. Oftentimes, it’s only when faced with some type of damage or compromise that we take the time to give our residential roofing in Kitchener the attention that it truly deserves. By then, it’s often too late; what may have started as a minor compromise, over time can evolve into a major issue that requires extensive time and money to get it back to working at maximum capacity. Read more …

Replacing Your Flat Roof In Kitchener? Know Your Options To Make An Informed Decision

Replacing your commercial flat roof in Kitchener can be a major investment. While the final look does play a role in the selection process, choosing the right material and application is about so much more than just esthetics. For business owners in every industry, selecting the right flat roof in Kitchener for their company will protect the surrounding structure as well as their employees inside. It’s critical to find the best option that won’t stretch budgets too thin for the best return on overall investment Read more …

Considering A Metal Roof In Waterloo? Six Features About This Product That May Surprise You

Are you currently considering a metal roof in Waterloo but aren’t completely convinced that it makes an ideal choice for your home roofing needs? Many homeowners considering a metal roof in Waterloo have initial concerns that the roofing material won’t yield the same benefits and features that their popular asphalt counterparts offer. However, at The Roofman, our team of licensed and professional roof installation experts has seen firsthand the significant range of advantages installing a metal roof in Waterloo can offer our clients. Read more …

7 Tips For Choosing The Best Materials For Your Sloped Roof In Kitchener

Trying to pick the perfect materials for your sloped roof in Kitchener can prove an overwhelming task. Today’s homeowners have a virtually endless selection of options to make their sloped roof in Kitchener both look great and perform at maximum capacity. While all homeowners have their own personal preferences and tastes, narrowing down your option for the right roofing option for your home is possible. When beginning the process, consider these seven tips to hone in on the ideal roofing products for your sloped roof in Kitchener. Read more …

Exploring The Differences Between Choosing A Shingled Versus Metal Roof In Kitchener

When you are in need of a roof replacement, it is important that you have a good understanding of your options. Perhaps you are unsure about the differences between a shingled and metal roof. Many homeowners have a tendency to automatically choose shingles, because they are so common. However, metal roofs offer several advantages. Below, we will explore the differences between choosing a shingled versus metal roof in Kitchener.Read more …

Are You In Need Of A Roof Contractor In Cambridge? Here Are A Few Things To Look For

If you find yourself in need of a roof contractor in Cambridge, it is important to know what to look for. How do you choose which contractor to work with when there are multiple options? There are several factors you should take into consideration when choosing a roof contractor in Cambridge. In this review, we will discuss some of the things you should look for in a roofing company.Read more …

Five Ways Improper Ventilation Can Affect Your Residential Roofing In Cambridge

At The Roofman, we partner with our residential clients to ensure that their roofing in Cambridge remains in tip-top shape. Most of customers know what to look for on their home’s exterior to determine that their roofing in Cambridge performs, as it should. Curling and/or broken shingles, stains, and even missing tiles can be a major indicator that their roofing needs immediate attention and care. However, many of our customers don’t realize that there is a second major contributor to the overall health of their roofing structures: their attics.Read more …

How To Choose The Best Color For Your New Roof In Kitchener

Getting ready to install a new roof in Kitchener? At The Roofman, we know firsthand that picking the material for your new roofing system is only one of the esthetic components that you’ll need to consider. Beyond the product that you’ll use on your new roof in Kitchener, you’ll also need to think about one other element to maximize visual impact: color.Read more …

8 Tips For Choosing The Best Commercial Roofer In Kitchener

Putting a new roof on your business is an important process that warrants careful consideration to a range of critical details. Materials, application and style are just some of the many factors you’ll have to think about before making your final decision. However, before you can move forward in the process, you have to first make the most crucial decision of all: choosing the right commercial roofer in Kitchener to manage your project.Read more …

How To Find A Residential Roof Contractor In Cambridge That You Can Trust

Finding a residential roof contractor in Cambridge can initially feel like an impossible task. With so many prospective contractors to choose from, how can you possibly find a qualified and reputable provider who will deliver on everything they promise? Before you give up the search for a roof contractor in Cambridge, it’s important to consider a few viable tips that can streamline the screening process and help connect you with a firm capable of giving you the roofing experience that you deserve.Read more

You’ve Hired Professional Roofers In Kitchener – Now What?

Deciding that it’s time to hire professional roofers in Kitchener is a major decision; but it’s important to remember that it’s just the first step in the overall renovation process. Here at The Roofman, we know that choosing our team of skilled and trained professional roofers in Kitchen means that our customers will receive the quality craftsmanship that they deserve. However, we also recognize that it’s critical to partner with our clients throughout the process to help them understand Read more

An Asphalt Roof On Kitchener And Waterloo Homes Is The Traditional Choice For Good Reason

An asphalt roof on a Kitchener or Waterloo home is a popular and affordable choice in roofing. Many homes use the asphalt shingles for their looks and affordability, and they are a great option for a stylish and secure roofing material.Read more


Why Choosing A Metal Roof In Waterloo Is Best For Your Budget

Building a new home or replacing a roof can be quite expensive, but it is also necessary. Find out why it makes sense to install a metal roof on Waterloo homes.

Is Metal Roofing Right For You?

Replacing a roof is a job that you do not want to cut corners in, considering you want the roof to last for many years to come. There are so many options to consider: metal, tile, shingle, etc. But what option is going to give you quality and longevity at the right price?Read more

Regular Roof Maintenance Leads To Fewer Roof Repairs In Cambridge

Roof repairs in Cambridge often result from a lack of routine maintenance to the structure. Homeowners generally do not pay any attention to roofs until a leak occurs or something else goes wrong. At this point the issue has most likely gotten so bad that it requires extensive measures in order to remedy the issue. This usually means a lot of time and a lot of money spent. Something as simple as getting yearly roof inspection and maintenance can prevent many minor issues from growing into large problems that come at a great cost.Read more..

Tear Off The Old Before Buying A New Roof In Kitchener

Your roof isexposed to the elements and is subject to wear and tear, so even if you do your part to make needed repairs, the time will come when you need a whole new roof. At that point, most roofers recommend a “tear off.” A “tear off” means removing everything down to the plywood decking before having new roofing materials added on..Read more.

Evaluating Your Estimate From A Flat Roofing Contractor In Cambridge

Most Cambridge property owners know to get more than one estimate before taking on a large or unique home improvement project like flat roofing. But what do you do when the estimates for a flat roofing contractor in Cambridge come in? How do you know which one is the best choice?Read more.

Advice From A Roof Contractor In Cambridge: Tips To Protect Your Roof

Eventually everything wears out, including roofs, but with a little bit of preventative maintenance you can ward off that day. As a roof contractor in Cambridge, we see a lot of roofing problems that could have been prevented with routine maintenance and care. To help our readers take care of their own roofs, we have put together this list of 6 tips to protect your roof.Read more.

Do You Need Roof Repairs In Kitchener? Five Signs Your Residential Shingles Need A Little TLC

If you are considering roof repairs in Kitchener, at some point, every homeowner will face the probability of repair and/or replacement on their residential shingled roof. These roofing systems have a proven reputation for integrity and performance; however, as with any type of exterior feature, time and Mother Nature may eventually cause a compromise in how the system functions on your home.Read more.

Avoid These Five Potential ScamsIf You Need Roofing In Cambridge

Roofing in Cambridge can prove a major expense for any homeowner. Whether you need a new roof put on your newly constructed home, or requireroofing repair and replacement on your existing system, it’s important to find an ethical and reputable provider of roofing in Cambridge that will get your job completed properly and on time. However, sometimes it can feel overwhelming trying to find the right provider of roofing in Cambridge. Read more.

Reasons To Consider Metal Roofing In Kitchener-Waterloo

Installing a new roof system on your Kitchener-Waterloo home means having an extensive litany of options to sift through before making your final selection. It is not just about esthetics; whether making a choice for new construction, or simply replacing the existing roof on your home, you will have to decide which material will yield the best return on overall investment. Read more.

Roofing Warranties 101: What To Know And Ask About Your New Roof In Kitchener

When it comes to purchasing a new roof in Kitchener, you will find yourself weeding through a lot of details, particularly when it comes to selecting the right product for your home. Factors such as color, style, look, durability, and longevity are just some of the many items you will have to consider before making your final choice and moving forward in the process. Additionally, you will also have to weed through a lengthy list of potential contractors to guarantee that your new roof in Kitchen gets installed properly for long lasting performance and overall return on investment. Read more..

Find A Skilled Flat Roofing Contractor In Cambridge

As a commercial property owner, keeping your buildings in tip top shape is not just about esthetics. Maintaining these commercial structures means protecting your investment. This proves especially true with your building’s flat roofing system. Whom you choose to work with on your flat roof in Cambridge is critical. Whether you are looking for a team to manage your initial install, or require a staff of professionals to handle care, repair, and upkeep, finding a qualified flat roofing contract in Cambridge can ensure that your investment is in skilled and capable hands for optimal return on investment.Read more..

Winter Roof Repairs In Cambridge: What You Need To Know

Many homeowners assume that the warmer months and milder seasons mark only times throughout the year that they should consider roof repairs in Cambridge. They race to get their home’s exteriors winterized throughout the fall, concerned that the frigid cold temperatures and storms will wreak havoc upon their property, leaving them no option for repair. They often hunker down for the cold season, believing that if they do encounter damage, they will have to wait it out until spring before they can contract out their roof repairs in Cambridge.Read more..

Choosing An Asphalt Roof In Kitchener-Waterloo

An asphalt roof in Kitchener-Waterloo is an economical choice for your home. Asphalt shingles perform well in cold climates, and they last significantly longer than in hot climates. Thanks to modern production methods, asphalt roofing materials come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and are available in upgraded forms that provide improved performance and durability.Read more

Is It Time For A New Roof In Kitchener?

It can be hard to tell whether your home needs a new roof in Kitchener, or whether repairs will do the trick. If you are facing roof problems, the first step to deciding what to do is to get an inspection and assessment:The sooner the better. If you can already detect problems, your home may be incurring damage that will ultimately add up to more expensive repairs. It is a good idea to have your roof routinely inspected at least once a year, just to stay ahead of problems.Read more

An Annual Inspection By A Roof Contractor In Waterloo Saves Repair Costs

By scheduling an annual inspection with a qualified roof contractor, Waterloo homeowners can stop small roof defects from growing into big, expensive problems. Once the snow is gone, it’s an ideal time to schedule your annual roof inspection. Winter’s icy conditions can cause all kind of damage, small and large to your roof, and discovering them sooner, rather than later, prevents that damage from compounding into major structural problems you will have to pay to repair.Read more

Roofing In Cambridge: Benefits Of Attic Air Sealing And Insulation

Homeowners can save serious money on HVAC costs with attic air sealing, attic insulation, and roofing in Cambridge and surrounding areas. If your home has an unheated attic space, you are probably losing quite a bit of the air you pay to heat and cool into that attic space no one is using. Conditioned air leaks out of your home’s living space through tiny spaces around your light fixtures, bathroom fans, chimneys and flues, and dozens of other places you would probably never have noticed. They call them thermal bypasses in the construction trade. Sealing thermal bypasses from living space to attic is an important first step in creating a more comfortable and energy efficient home.Read more

How And When To Remove Snow From Your Roof

To avoid costly roof repairs, Cambridge homeowners need to understand when snow has to be removed, when it is safe to do it on their own, and when to call for professional help. Up to a certain point, having some snow on your roof can be beneficial; it acts as an extra layer of insulation against the frigid outdoor conditions, and it can give your home that peaceful “winter hush” because it also insulates against sound. Having too much snow on your roof is a problem, though, because of the additional weight, and because it can slide off and injure people or destroy property Read more

What To Do When Your Leaking Roof In Kitchener Is Plagued With Ice Dams

When ice dams cause a leaking roof, Kitchener homeowners need to know what to do in order to keep minor damage from becoming huge, expensive issues. Ice dams form when snow falls on the part of the roof above your heated living space and melts. That water runs downhill until it reaches the eaves, which do not have heated space beneath them, so the water re-freezes and forms a bump that helps trap more melted snow and perpetuates the cycle. When rain gutters fill with snow, this hastens the formation of ice dams, because it stops the run-off on top of the colder eaves. Steep roofs have a stronger tendency to form icicles in these conditions, but a flatter roof is more susceptible to ice dams. Read more

Metal Roof Kitchener: Six Things You Need To Know

Homeowners choosing a residential roof in Kitchener quickly realize there are many options available. Many in the region realize that a metal roof in Kitchener makes an ideal option for their home. This roofing product delivers a host of advantages that both performs well and enhances the entire look of the property. Read more

Hire A Cambridge Roofing Company In 7 Easy Steps

Your roof is not just a significant investment, it also has an important job: keeping you and your family protected, warm, and dry. It’s critical to know how to successfully source a Cambridge roofing company. Following 7 easy steps can help you find a skilled and experienced provider capable of completing your job on time, and on budget. Read more

Metal Roof Kitchener: Six Things You Need To Know

Homeowners choosing a residential roof in Kitchener quickly realize there are many options available. Many in the region realize that a metal roof in Kitchener makes an ideal option for their home. This roofing product delivers a host of advantages that both performs well and enhances the entire look of the property.Read more

Hire A Cambridge Roofing Company In 7 Easy Steps

Your roof is not just a significant investment, it also has an important job: keeping you and your family protected, warm, and dry. It’s critical to know how to successfully source a Cambridge roofing company. Following 7 easy steps can help you find a skilled and experienced provider capable of completing your job on time, and on budget.Read more