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Who We Are
The Roofman Inc. is a full-service roofing contractor that has been established since 1981. We provide residential, commercial and industrial roof installations, repairs, maintenance, attic upgrades and insulation. We offer roofing services for clients all over Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Elmira and surrounding areas.


"Excellent" in every way! We received 4 quotes on a new roof for our home over the course of a year - all from reputable roofers in our area. A roof is not an inexpensive item and we wanted it to be right. Picking The Roofman was the most important right step. Rhys was great and attentive. We picked a less than usual shingle because we wanted it to be different; it took some time to decide and Rhys was very helpful. As everyone knows the weather has been terrible and our shingles took some time to come in as well. Thanks to Diana and Tracy for getting back to us with timeline info. Once the installation began Marvin and his great team worked diligently every day till it was complete."
Aussie in Toronto

"This rental home had chimney degradation and an ageing cedar shingle roof - which still looked beautiful but was gathering moss and starting to blow off. Cedar was too expensive to consider redoing as such. After 4 quotes and solutions, the Roofman came in on top in terms of price, materials and reputation. Weather kept them from starting as soon as we would have liked, but they did respond to my suggestion that pushing the job up before the Spring rains was necessary. All work was done professionally, cleanly, and the new Vic West roof gives the house a different but equally up-scale look as the original cedar."
Pierre Sandor in Kitchener

"The previous asphalt shingle roof on our late-80’s backsplit, like many installed 10 to 15 years ago, was nearing the end of its life. We contacted a number of companies, including The Roofman. The estimator, Mike Galt, promptly paid us a visit and conducted a thorough inspection of the roof AND the attic. He then explained in great detail what he found and what the best course of action would be. The meeting was not so much a sales pitch as a crash course in attic and roofing systems. Mike’s passion and expertise regarding both the theory (building science) and practice (how to actually DO the job) was very evident. He patiently answered our long list of questions, and, within a few days, returned with a comprehensive written quote and information package."
Alex in Waterloo

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